29 February 2016

Will Onew ever get a solo?

Ten Asia - Naver: [Looking forward to a solo] SHINee's Onew,  strength of his mild and smooth voice

1. [+148, -1] I'll wait however long until Onew gets a solo

2. [+114, 0] I was shocked when I listened to Rainy Blue. It's not only his vocal color that's remarkable but also the emotions he puts into his songs

3. [+105, 0] Thank you for coming back after your vocal cord surgery. I can tell you've prepared well since you know how challenging it is to get back to work after a surgeryㅠㅠ I'm worried but it's alright to take it slow. Fans will keep waiting

4. [+96, 0] Onew has great voice and singing skills. I'm looking forward to the prospect of him going solo :) Everyone in SHINee is amazing

5. [+86, -1] Jinki-ya, a solo please!!! Always supporting you

6. [+44, 0] You should all listen to Rainy Blue!! It's in Japanese but it's a nice song to listen to because Onew's good at conveying raw emotion into his singing

7. [+40, 0] I cried listening to Rainy Blue. Thank you for singing

8. [+38, 0] What is SM doing..... It's not only one or two fans that are anticipating it

9. [+37, 0] I don't think he'll ever go solo ㅎㅎ

10. [+34, 0] Onew's voice is the best ♡ His singing is great ♡Go take a listen to  In Your Eyes and Rainy Blue