1 February 2016

Yoo Ah In and Krystal replace Kim Woo Bin and Shin Minah as Giordano models

Dong A - Naver: Yoo Ah In and Krystal next to give you a 'heart attack' after Kim Woo Bin ♥Shin Minah
(tn: the title in Korean sounds a lot more clickbait-y than the English translation)

1. [+11,646, -121] I thought they were dating for a sec

2. [+7,167, -71] The title successfully baited me

3. [+3,864, -155] Yoo Ah In's facial expressions and poses are so natural ㅋㅋ

4. [+3,000, -321] The two made my heart stop for a bit. They match well

5. [+2,004, -114] Yoo Ah In is really awesome in Six Flying Dragons

6. [+518, -25] Damn I thought they were dating

7. [+427, -12] Ugh what is up with the title? Isn't this an article to promote the brand? Journalist, you could've wrote just Yoo Ah In and Krystal, why add unnecessary click bait stuff

8. [+508, -50] Suddenly feels so fresh now that they've replaced their models. The youthful vibe is perfect for spring. I like it

9. [+294, -10] Ugh I got baited

10. [+282, -2] Their baiting is on another level. Do journalists get promoted depending on the number of clicks on their articles?

11. [+293, -40] Now that they replaced their models with Yoo Ah In and Krystal, the brand's image has gotten fresher and tidier

12. [+214, 17] Look at how fresh Yoo Ah In is. Good in choosing them as models