17 February 2016

Yoon Hyun Min and Baek Jin Hee deny dating rumors

Ilgan Sports - Nate: Yoon Hyun Min and Baek Jin Hee's reps "We all went shopping together...Not on a relationship"

1. [+1,000, -42] I don't know about Park Seo Joon but I feel bad for Jeon So Min ㅠㅋㅋ

2. [+716, -57] Huh? So she wasn't dating Park Seo Joon????

3. [+663, -4] Park Seo Joon: ?

1. [+1,619, -80] Baek Jin Hee gets into a dating scandal when she shoots a drama

2. [+1,382, -121] There's a reason why Yoon Hyun Min broke up and why his ex-gf put up expressive posts on SNS. Is Baek Jin Hee also the type who dates her co-stars? From Park Seo Joon and now with Yoon Hyun Min ㅋㅋㅋ Is she the 2nd Song Hye Kyo? Make sure you don't evade taxes too

3. [+1,061, -57] She wasn't dating Park Seo Joon?

4. [+312, -25] He and Jeon So Min broke up while he's shooting a drama and now he's in a dating scandal with Baek Jin Hee. It hasn't been that long since the break up. Baek Jin Hee-nim, find a better guy

1. [+80, -6] They match but why does Baek Jin Hee get into dating scandals with actors she's coupled up with in dramas? ㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+87, -11] I think Yoon Hyun Min likes Baek Jin Hee. Could be why he and Jeon So Min broke up

3. [+75, -8] So they were dating other people and broke up? That's fast~~ This is why going public with a relationship isn't always good decision~

4. [+66, -13] If it's true, then her tastes in men are very consistent. She's into slim, puppy-faced types. If they're really dating, I find it wrong that he showed interest in her while shooting a drama considering he was dating someone else back then. They're similar to their cancer characters in real life