4 March 2016

Actresses who played doctors in dramas

Song Hye Kyo
Kim Min Jung
Hwang Jung Eum 
Moon Chae Won
Goo Hye Sun

tv Report - Naver: "Captivating in white gown", From Hwang Jung Eum to Song Hye Kyo, genealogy of beautiful female doctors 

1. [+2,271, -88] 'New Heart' was so goodㅜㅜ

2. [+1,834, -90] I remember Kim Min Jung in New Heart

3. [+1,617, -94] A characteristic of Korean dramas: They're all love stories, just the setting is different... except probably for 'Golden Time'

4. [+1,348, -152] Woah.. Moon Chae Won bb left me marvelling when I watched that drama

5. [+1,589, -297] Song Hye Kyo is pretty ♡

6. [+282, -10] But in reality, when you're on night shift, you don't even have time to wash your hair let alone apply makeup

7. [+240, -22] Take off the last one

8. [+222, -17] I liked Kim Min Jung as Nam Hye Suk in 'New Heart'. Jo Jae Hyun, Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung were the golden lineup

9. [+172, -3] I've worked at a coffee shop in a university hospital and I can tell you that there are tons of pretty female doctors ㅋㅋㅋ Not elegantly pretty as celebrities but they have this intelligent aura to them

10. [+227, -3] Ms. Goo Hye Sun just looks awkward sitting down. Sorry ㅠ