13 March 2016

Annoying things about dramas

1. When a character has nothing but acts so grumpy when offered money 

2. When the second female/male lead in a love triangle is such a turn off 

3. Dumb female lead

4. "I'm dying...". When a character is terminally ill 

5. When you have no idea how the characters slowly fell in love 

Instiz: Things about dramas that piss viewers off 

-And amnesia!!

-The 5th.....I was rooting for Hwang Jung Eum/ Choi Daniel in 'High Kick' and Deoksun/Junghwan in 'Reply' .... but endings of both dramas left me emotionally exhausted

-Cinderella stories and chaebols... why does the female lead have to be poor all the damn time

-I'm fine with everything else, but I don't like a stupid main character

-A poor female lead who acts all tough + arrogant and rich male lead. Why can't dramas stray away from candy girl stories?  I want to see more brave female characters