16 March 2016

Celebrities and their jinxes

IU - "The title of my song has to be 3 syllables for it to be successful."

Jo Jae Hyun - "When I'm filming, I only wear underwear bought near the filming set."

JeA - "Nothing works out well when I eat onion."

G-dragon - "When I write songs imagining what it would be like to break up, I would eventually end up breaking with my girlfriend" 

Yoon Eun Hye - "My male co-stars enlist in the army after working with me."

Ali - "A couple breaks up when I sing a song about break-ups."

Jung Woo Sung - "A cold wave warning is issued whenever I have to film a rooftop scene"

Instiz: Celebrities mention their jinxes

-Taeyeon: If I like a title track, it doesn't do very well

-Infinite - It rains whenever we have a concert

-Cold wave warning ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Good Day (좋은날),  Nagging (잔소리), You and I (너랑나), Every End of the Day (하루끝), Peach (복숭아) Red Shoes (분홍신), The shower (푸르던), Twenty three (스물셋)