27 March 2016

'Cheese in the Trap' to be made into a movie, Park Hae Jin in talks to reprise Yoo Jung role

news 1 - Naver: [Exclusive] 'Cheese in the Trap' movie version chooses Park Hae Jin for lead role

1. [+1,059, -22] Yoo Jung sunbae = Park Hae Jin

2. [+836, -40] I'm all up for him to do it but what am I getting nervous for this? Why do I feel like they'll suffer some lose even if it does well?

3. [+682, -21] I want to stop him from doing it but I hope he decides after careful consideration

4. [+522, -22] The downsides outweigh the advantages, I personally don't wan't it be made into a movie. He's not confirmed for the role yet so I hope he chooses a better project

5. [+223, -7] If he's ever confirmed, make sure to do it right this time, kick that drama's ass and say "Look, this is what CITT should be!". I hope the movie will be good, I'm cheering for it

6. [+225, -8] Seems like both Park Hae Jin and Soon Ki were pissed off because of the drama

7. [+162, -3] Hul... It seems like Soon Ki disliked everyone but Park Hae Jin ㅋㅋㅋ So they're changing everyone except Park Hae Jin?

8. [+140, -7] Do a good job with the female lead casting.. Inho too

Sports Dong A - Nate: [Exclusive] 'Cheese in the Trap' to be made into a movie... Writer Soon Ki to participate 

1. [+216, -12] Can't they just get Park Hae Jin-ssi to be Yoo Jung? ㅠㅠ

2. [+182, -11] Is there even anyone who can play Yoo Jung better than Park Hae Jin?

3. [+30, 0] Park Hae Jin is in talks for the lead role ㅎㅎ

4. [+26, 0] Yeah, leave Yoo Jung as it is and replace everyone

5. [+22, -1] Should've just made CITT into a movie in the first place and not a drama~~

1. [+144, -3]  Hoping for no more suffering in this one ㅠㅠ Yoo Jung sunbae fighting! It would be hard to compress a lengthy story into a movie so please do a good job production team ㅠㅜ

2. [+124, -10] Change Hong Seol, Baek Inho and Baek Inha, that way the movie will survive

3. [+97, -3] Let it be a movie that will showcase CITT's charm ㅠㅠ

4. [+21, -2] Let's go with Chun Woo Hee this time