16 March 2016

Ji Sung confirmed for drama 'Entertainer'

Osen - Naver: Ji Sung confirms drama comeback with 'Entertainer'... for the role of an  entertainment company CEO

1. [+701, -28] Hyeri and Ji Sung... It's either a jackpot or a failure ㅋㅋ If things go wrong, it's gonna be another 'Trot Lovers'

2. [+388, -9] It's slated for April release but they're only confirming him now and they haven't started filming yet... Even though Ji Sung is the lead, are they gonna be ok?

3. [+265, -23] Ji Sung is back!!!!!

4. [+204, -26] Ji Sung's an actor you can trust, he's a good fit for Wed/Thur dramas!! I'll make sure to tune it

5. [+191, -23] I'm not too fond of the title but I'll look forward to it since it's Ji Sung

6. [+49, 0] Why did they only cast a male lead just now if they're aiming for April broadcast? What a way to rush the cast and production team

7. [+46, -7] I wanna watch this for Ji Sung but I'm a bit concerned.. Why is he being cast this late for a drama that is set to be released next month.. We're halfway through March already

8. [+20, 0] Hyeri's not even confirmed, stop criticizing