18 March 2016

Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won for 'Grazia'

Ilgan Sports - Naver: 'GooWon couple', Jin Goo ♥ Kim Ji Won's couple photoshoot 'Dreamy chemistry'

1. [+8,898, -92] Woah.. So pretty and cool..

2. [+7,363, -117] Jin Goo hyung is ridiculously handsome.. Ji Won is gorgeous~ I've been a fan even before their popularity blew up, I'm so proud that their careers are going well

3. [+6,119, -146] She's too pretty ㅎㅎ Upvote if you like her too!

4. [+4,228, -74] How lovely! They match so well!

5. [+3,800, -78] What a good pairing ㅠㅠ

6. [+1,844, -31] Getting rid of her fringe and cutting her hair short is doing wonders for her

7. [+1,441, -22] Let's not forget that Jin Goo is married and has a son...

8. [+1,064, -29] She's pale, he's dark. That photo's so full of innocence and manlinessㅎㅎ I'm enjoying the drama!

9. [+701, -49] They look like they could be the same age, but you don't feel their age difference at all  ♥ GooWon makes my heart flutter



Anonymous said...

what a pleasant sight... so refreshing! they look good together... lol!!!