7 March 2016

Kim Sae Ron confirmed as Yoon Shi Yoon's leading lady in 'Mirror of the Witch'

Sports Chosun - Naver: [Exclusive] Kim Sae Ron confirmed as female lead of 'Mirror of the Witch'... to work with Yoon Shi Yoon 

1. [+1,900, -71] They somewhat don't match

2. [+1,646, -136] I admit she's a good actress but it's better to give her these lead roles after she reaches adulthood

3. [+1,320, -40] Huh...? What's up with this pairing?

4. [+1,191, -65] This doesn't seem right Sae Ron-ah..

5. [+788, -31] What "chemistry" is there to look forward to? She's still pretty much a kid

6. [+267, -7] Well this is pitiful considering it's Yoon Shi Yoon's comeback drama.  It would be hard to relate to their emotions and there won't be any kiss scenes since she's a kid

7. [+248, -7] Feels like a big failure already

8. [+217, -9] Um.. They have a big age gap... And it's not like she'll pull off an adult role either

9. [+205, -8] A minor cast to act like an adult?

10. [+221, -16] There are so many other actresses in their 20s they could've picked like Seo Yeji or Ha Yeon Soo. Why pair him up with a kid?