17 March 2016

Lee Seung Gi assigned in Special Warfare Command

Star News- Naver: Lee Seung Gi assigned to Special Warfare Command... just like 'Descendants of the Sun'

1. [+8,995, -615] Seems like he's maintaining a proper military life. Be healthy and do well..

2. [+5,934, -429] He's a real man, that's amazing

3. [+4,967, -361] Daebak. He's working hard

4. [+4,390, -300] As expected of Lee Seung Gi!!! I'm sure you'll do fine!!!!

5. [+3,919, -277] Serve well...

6. [+786, -72] In conclusion, there's no need to grill someone over late enlistment. As long as he enlists, that's all that matters

7. [+812, -110] How cool of him, unlike someone who's assigned to police promotional unit

Osen - Naver: Lee Seung Gi in Special Warfare Command, giving him a 'kkabangkwon for life' title

'kkabangkwon' is a term that roughly means 'able to block criticisms' or simply 'bash-proof'

1. [+15,637, -912] A Korean man is required to fulfill the mandatory military service, how does that make him bash-proof forever?

2. [+9,322, -560] Every Korean man has to serve in the army but I don't understand why celebrities get praised when they enlist

3. [+9,252, -601] It's just temporary, why is the reporter implying as if he volunteered to be placed there?

4. [+1,768, -54] What right does the reporter have to designate him such title? If people just left him alone, I'm sure he would receive more praises but this article is only dumping more hate on him

5. [+1,548, -76] So what tasks are he assigned with there? There won't be any backbreaking work or disciplinary training.. Since its overrun by executives, I'm guessing they'd ask him to go have coffee with them all the time.. So stop with the kkabangkwon nonsense, don't write a ridiculous article to stir up more hate for Lee Seung Gi