12 March 2016

Leessang's Gil confirmed to make his tv comeback in 'Show Me The Money 5'

Star News - Naver: Gil opens up about his tv come back "It's not my place to be daring but.." 

1. [+9,363, -488] Gil was caught drunk driving but his hiatus was a lot longer compared to celebrities who did illegal gambling.. Anyway, I'll support you

2. [+5,729, -198] You should start being careful, I can't stress that enough. Show only a good image from now on

3. [+4,425, -247] I've waited for so long, I trust that you'll do well

4. [+4,017, -210] He dropped so much weight. Congrats on returning

5. [+4,060, -816] If Gil contemplated for so long, then what the hell did  Noh Hong Chul do? ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+438, -44] That's a proper way to reflect

7. [+336, -20] But still, drunk driving is an act of murder, keep that in mind

8. [+329, -29] It's hard to turn an anti into a fan but if you work hard, the fans you lost will come back. I'm cheering for you

9. [+314, -26] You went through so much, don't drink and drive ever again

Osen - Naver:  Gil joins 'SMTM 5', will his return be received well? 

1. [+7,003, -164] Gil to evaluate Jung Junha?! Sounds hella fun

2. [+4,511, -167]  If you take time to reflect on your actions, your perspective will change as well. That period is your chance to grow as a person

3. [+2,469, -208] Gil is cool

4. [+3,150, -174] I hope you show a good impression

5. [+2,724, -181] Totally excited~ Gil-ah, I've waited way too long ㅠㅠ

6. [+496, -22] He went to reflect right away with no excuses. I've no ill feelings for him at all

7. [+529, -60] A guy like Gil would reflect, unlike someone who pretend like he's on a reflection period when in fact, he went overseas to shoot a pilot program. Acted like he's behaved and all for a month but not only did he not reflect right away but lied on top of that

Osen - Naver: 'SMTM5' ends its preliminary round today... Can Jung Junha survive?

1. [+480, -12] He will make it to the preliminary round for the sake of fun

2. [+379, -3] Since we'll be seeing both shows, I wonder how it will be edited ㅋㅋ

3. [+322, -29] It's much more reassuring to say that he's there to take part to an event instead of saying he passed as a celebrity because that's quite unfair for the other participants

4. [+201, -4] Jung Junha fighting!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+27, 0] They milked the hell out of Jung Junha considering they used him to bait us for a few months