20 March 2016

Photoshop Me

"Please make it look like I'm in a dangerous situation"

"Can you make me look like a bird in this photo?"

"I'm only in high school but I look like a gangster here. Make me look gentle please"

"This was taken during my vacation and although the background
is a street, it's so peaceful without cars. Can you make it look like
I'm relaxing in a critical situation? 

"I took this photo but the boat behind me doesn't look cool. Please 
make the boat look cool"

(tn: boat and belly use the same word in Korean -'bae')

"We look too solemn.  Please make look like we have loyalty"

(tn: Reference to Kim Bo Sung's trademark slogan "loyalty") 

"Please make it look like I'm with model Bang Sung Joon, Ok Taecyeon or TOP.
I look too lonely in this photo."

"I wanted to look cool but the background is too bright. 
Can you make me look like a king of the night?"

(tn: night and chestnuts are the same word in Korean - 'bam')

"This photo was taken during a trip with a foreign friend. He said to
submit it to 'Photoshop Me'. Please make it look more fun ㅎㅎ"

"I want to make this my Kakao Talk photo. There's a car and too many
people in the background...I want the photo to be just me all alone. For reference.
I'm the guy in front with folded arms!"

Group chatting (1 person)
-July 19th 2013 Friday
-Park Gyu Sun-nim invites car, ahjushi, ahjumoni, ahjushi 2 and students into the group chat
-I want to be alone, everyone go out
-Car-nim exits.
-Students-nim exits.
-Ahjumoni-nim exits.
-Ahjushi2-nim exits.

"I look like a fool smiling for no reason. Please make it look like a I have a reason to be smiling"

Written on the board: "Because you're ugly, you should always smile"

"Make it look like I'm in a hopeless situation"

"I'm the one biting the spoon but I don't stand out as much. Can you make it look
like I stand out the most?"

"Please change the background into something that would make me surprised to look at"

"It's my mukbang photo but it's lacking something.
Can you make it look better than Ha Jung Woo's mukbang?"

"I'm uglier than Song Joong Ki, make me look more handsome than him"

"Make the background look like I'm in New York"

"I took this photo in the washroom. Please change the background into 
something that has lots of guys in it."

"The background seems boring. Can you make it look like I'm in the Arctic or like 
I'm heading somewhere dangerous? ㅎ Also, please change my alcohol into something

"Please make it look like people are hitting me"

(On the board: Pointing out the correct spelling of 'hit')

Source: Instiz