30 March 2016

[Spoilers] Come Back Mister + Descendants of the Sun + Goodbye Mr. Black

Come Back Mister

Mydaily - Naver: 'Come Back Mister', Lee Min Jung is Kim Soo Ro's sibling not Yoon Park... Oh Yeon Seo tears up 

1. [+2,705, -53] Didn't even think of the possibility of Lee Min Jung as his sibling, I thought it would be one of the guys

2. [+2,071, -128] If this drama keeps it up, it will be remembered as a masterpiece

3. [+1,676, -47] That scene honestly gave me goosebumps..

4. [+1,456, -60] CBM is too fun ㅋㅋ

5. [+1,167, -51] Didn't think of this at allㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+382, -7] Lee Min Jung lost her husband and her oppa.. Although Lee Honey will help her later on..

7. [354, -10] I kinda feel cheated on because I expected Yoon Park to be the dongsaeng but it's heartbreaking nonetheless. I love this drama and you really can't judge it by ratings alone

8. [+325, -8] It's definitely a twist but Hong Nan is so pitiful, she lost both her oppa and husband

9. [+283, -10] Lee Min Jung turns out to be Hong Nan ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. [+254, -8] A shame that this drama is not popular

11. [+249, -8] So sad ㅠㅠ Da Hye is Han Gi Tak's dongsaeng ㅠㅠ

12. [+228, -6] Hul daebak. A few days ago, some reporters wrote that if Yoon Park is the dongsaeng, that would be such a predictable set up. We've all been backstabbed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+188, -5] I thought the dongsaeng was Yoon Park

14. [+174, -6] Poor Da Hye... I'm getting more and more curious of the ending

15. [+157, -1] So sad.. The reason why Han Gi Tak was reincarnated into a beautiful woman is because he has always longed for his sister....

14. [+173, 2] Kim Soo Ro and Kim In Kwon's common denominator is Hong Nan, the person they love the most in the world

1. [+91, -9] It's so much better than DotS. The acting and story are amazing but if only they avoided DotS.... ㅜㅜ

2. [+89, -9] This drama is perfect.. No one is bad at acting, the only problem is it's over too quick.. What a pity.. .

3. [+69, -1] It could be that Choi Won Young is good at playing douchebag characters that he's always taking up these roles  ㅎㅎ Fun drama but timing is really important

4. [+12, 0] Every week, I ask myself this, should I watch DotS or should I watch this?

Descendants of the Sun

Sports Seoul - Naver: 'Descendants of the Sun', Song Joong Ki only has 3 hours

1. [+9,545, -95] I really want to smack Argus..

2. [+8,300, -89] Argus, yes you should learn Korean^

3. [+7,223, -96] Captain Yoo Shijin is so full of energy...

4. [+6,220, -72] Argus ㅡㅡ But Sergeant Seo and Sergeant Choi will rescue her, right?

5. [+6,104, -100] They're in a miserable condition but how is Captain Yoo Shijin still remain so cool ㅋㅋㅋ The entire episode felt like it lasted only 10 minutes, can't get enough of it

6. [+2,346, -32] The 3 most unlikeable in DotS: Manager Jin, Argus, Red Rose

7. [+2,288, -79] Song Hye Kyo looked pretty when she was being kidnapped

Newsen - Nate: 'Descendants of the Sun', Onew risks life to save Jo Jae Yoon 

1. [+1,038, -154] It was too funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Honestly, his acting sucks

2. [+973, -109] Park Shin Yang: you've been selected for special admission to Actor School. I reject your refusal

3. [+904, -109] Onew is crying his heart out but my family thought it's cringeworthy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It seemed unnatural ㅜㅠㅠㅠ Awkward awkward cringe cringe

4. [+108, -5] Not a situation worth crying for. Why is it just  Onew's script that's exaggerated? It's breaking the flow

5. [+102, -2] Only Onew's character is unreasonable.  I know it's just a drama but how did he become a doctor with that fragile mentality?

Newsen- Nate: Song Joong Ki tells Song Hye Kyo who's been kidnapped "I will rescue you" 

1. [+267, -14] So heart-wrenching when they talked over the radio.. what Captain Yoo Said was especially so lovingㅠㅠ!!!! On another note, Song Joong Ki looks so good in all-black ♥

2. [+224, -14] My heart is beating so fast ㅠㅠ Had no idea how 1 hour passed by, I was so into the episode~~ Argus, be ready. Our Captain Yoo is coming!! The sounds that Doctor Kang was making over the radio gave me a heart attack. DotS is love, I hope tomorrow's episode comes soon

3. [+198, -7] Should dispatch Sargent Seo

4. [+36, -5] "Listen to me. I will rescue you so don't worry and don't cry. Don't you know that I'm good with my job?"

5. [+27, -1] Argus is good at acting

Osen - Daum: 'Descendants of the Sun', Kim Ji Won survives... Can Song Joong Ki rescue Song Hye Kyo? 

1. [+1,146, -36] Rescue her without getting injured, this is a command!

2. [+1,033, -28] Yes he can. There's 5 episodes left

3. [+841, -25] The best part is when he communicated  with CheongWaDae!!! I found that part emotionally moving since it's somewhat similar to our reality

4. [+454, -7] He looks good in uniform but he looks even better in plain clothes. I'm going crazy because of him

5. [+442, -17] You can save her, the whole nation is cheering for you.

Goodbye Mr. Black

tv Report - Naver: 'Goodbye Mr. Black', Lee Jin Wook's fierce comeback, revenge starts now

1. [+1,352, -60] 1 hour felt like 1 minute.. Mr. Black is very fun!

2. [+1,064, -45] Lee Jin Wook's eyes and voice are daebak

3. [+951, -39] Woah.. Lee Jin Wook is really awesome and Kim Kang Woo's acting is crazy

4. [+835, -38] Lee Jin Wook is too cool..

5. [+298, -9] I'm enjoying this drama so much so please don't make it cliche with someone dying with a sickness in the end

6. [+298, -14] This drama is better. Tomorrow's episode looks way more fun

7. [+329, -30] You guys should switch from DotS to Goodbye Mr. Black, it's really good ㅠㅠ Lee Jin Wook is handsome

8. [+266, -9] I like that it's not draggy, he coolly does his revenge! Lee Jin Wook, you're amazing ♥

9. [+195, -2] When will Swan and Black get together?

10. [+204, -9] Is Lee Jin Wook's character terminally ill? No, I don't want it to end on a sad note

1. [+224, -11] The tension in this episode is incredible. The pace is more refreshing that I thought, the story is beyond expectations. I'm excited for tomorrow!! ㅋ

2. [+237, -40] Switched the channel to this while watching DotS~! The story is fun and solid

3. [+201, -11] This drama is very fun

4. [+87, -6] Lee Jin Wook is badass and breathtaking~ Why does time go by so quick with this drama? Tomorrow needs to come fast