3 March 2016

What do you think of the 'heart finger gesture'?

OP: The gesture itself looks like an insult. I don't get why it's popular

Instiz: I'm personally weirded out by the 'finger heart' 

-When I first saw it, I thought it meant "Give me money"

-That's actually a less awkward way of making a heart sign than putting your palms together. I do it a lot when I take photos

-My foreigner friends say it's an insult

-Isn't it pretty much saying "give me money" when you rub those 2 fingers together?

-I was weirded out at first too but I started using it a lot that I don't mind it anymore

-I'm not a fan of the gesture myself but it's so cute when old people imitate it the way young people do ㅠㅠㅠㅠ My mom does that when we take photos on get-togethers, it's really cute

-I don't find it offensive at all

-This gesture makes me think of Woohyun

-I freaking hate this gesture too.. Making heart with 2 hands is much better

-Doesn't this mean 'underwear' in sign language? I feel awkward using it

-But it's cute