9 March 2016

What do you think of students who study in coffee shops?

Nate Poll: What do you think of students who study in coffee shops? 

I find them very annoying - 77% (13,179 votes)
I don't mind  - 21% (3,586 votes)
Other opinion - 2% (299 votes)

1. [+1,066, -26] Yeah, it's alright if they stay for 2-3 hours max but it's unacceptable to sit there all day long. What's worse is when they stare at you for being noisy, they seriously need some lesson on etiquette

2. [+799, -9] 1-2 hours is fair but it bothers me when customers hang out there the entire day, especially students who come in groups and occupy the tables. What's the purpose of libraries then?

3. [+741, -10] I wish coffee shops would enforce an hourly charge just like PC rooms do..

4. [+26, 0]  I was at Holly's Coffee recently but there's nowhere to sit. It's mostly filled with students who take up a whole table to themselves with their laptops or stack of books. I told the employees to add more seating areas but there's nothing they can do about it. Aren't coffee shops supposed to be places to get drinks and have a good chat with friends? How can you tolerate studying at noisy places? Owners must charge them extra fee to cover electricity costs. Why can't they go somewhere that's actually intended for studying? I wouldn't be surprised if VIPS or Outback (tn: steakhouses) become study places one of these days. Ugh, I'd rather they set up tents at their school's stadium and stay there as long as they want to study

5. [+24, 0] It's annoying when people only purchase one drink but sit there for hours. Make room for customers and stop giving that weird look when people sitting near you are talking loudly

6. [+23, 0] Coffee tables aren't desks. I've seen students who pull chairs across them, take off their shoes and rest their feet on the chair, it puts me off