26 March 2016

What happens to Song Joong Ki post-DotS syndrome?

Osen- Naver: Post-Song Joong Ki fever.. More like Kim Soo Hyun or Hyun Bin? 

Article talks about the prospect of Song Joong Ki ending up as Kim Soo Hyun with continuous success or Hyun Bin with series of unsuccessful projects after Secret Garden

1. [+414, -21] Enough with using Hyun Bin's name that way ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Everything will turn out well for the 3. No need to worry reporter^^

2. [+336, -14] Why drag other people so that you can praise another? Reporter-nim, please go back and learn how to write an article again. Each of these 3 has their own pride, why put this out when you know nothing about acting. Tsk..

3. [+326, -24]  Does the reporter have hard feelings towards Hyun Bin? The article isn't objective at all

4. [+276, -19] Reporter's gone nuts, you're bashing Hyun Bin. Trash reporters seem to have so much free time seeing how they write stuff like this. Pathetic

5. [+253, -17] All 3 are doing well ㅋㅋㅋ No?

6. [+156, -12] They're all top actors, reporters are the problem. Is that all you can say about Hyun Bin? And stop comparing him to Kim Soo Hyun or to anyone. If you wanna talk about Kim Soo Hyun, write about himself and his own capabilities

7. [+131, -11] Reporters like to throw in other actors' names in a Song Joong Ki article. Enough with it already

8. [+131, -14] If you want to cheer on Song Joong Ki, write an article that's only about him, don't mention Kim Soo Hyun or others. You're only turning fans of other actors into Song Joong Ki antis~

1. [+987, -51] He showed charms in 'Innocent Man' and his movie ' Wolf Boy' before enlisting..But even after DotS, his popularity will keep growing. I'm hoping so~ ♡

2. [926, -55] Song Joong Ki has the luck, acting chops and the personality so he'll continue to be on the roll

3. [+651, -41] It depends on his hard work. I guess he'll do well