20 March 2016

What's the reason for YOF Africa's drop in viewer ratings?

Mydaily - Naver: "Controversy that went too far" Youth Over Flowers' viewer ratings drop in half

1. [+17,865, -1,706] Controversy aside, the show's just boring.. Except the impact that Ep.1 left and the sceneries, the rest made me sleepy

2. [+11,232, -502]  In YOF, the first episodes always have the highest ratings

3. [+11,163, -1,412] I don't watch because it's boring

4. [+9,619, -1,036] Nothing else to see but the sceneries so I just switched to 'Backpack Travels'

5. [+9,602, -1,472] Because it's boring ㅋ It's not even this easy to make a show boring even with members like them

6. [+2,716, -374] Rather than blaming it on the controversy, it is boring.  The members are too nice to each other that I don't get a sense that they get along well.. They seem uncomfortable and too busy being cautious

7. [+1,958, -106] There's so many scenes of them inside the car moving from place to place

8. [+2,364, -256] Ratings are dropping simply because it's boring. It's been healing for the most parts but there's nothing else to see. I'm tired of the traveling concept, time for Na PD to create a new variety show

9. [+2,470, -307] I'm sorry, it's boring