4 April 2016

Actors who are already in their 40s (Won Bin, So Ji Sub, Ji Sung)

tv Report - Daum: "These oppas are already in their 40s"... Classy77-line Won Bin, So Ji Sub and Ji Sung

1. [+207, -1] I'm 40 years old too

2. [+119, -5] I'm 44 ㅋㅋㅋ Are we all speaking in banmal here?

3. [+115, -14] Hoping that So Ganji will meet a good woman and get married soon

4. [+127, -38] I keep thinking how nice it would've been if So Ganji was in 'Descendants of the Sun' ㅎㅎ Song Joong Ki's youthful image isn't helping me focus

5. [+86, -10] They look young considering they're already in their 40s

6. [+42, -5] Won Bin is starting to feel like an ahjusshi now too

7. [+81, -45] Why call a man in his 40s 'oppa' and not 'ahjusshi'?

8. [+34, -5] Their age is starting to show

9. [+27, 0] Psy, Kim Tae Gon, Kim Jin Pyo, Gil are all '77ers