14 April 2016

First look at Sechs Kies reunion on 'Infinity Challenge'

tv Report - Naver:  Go Ji Yong in an office worker suit, why he teared up at the awkwardness

1. [+8,653, -171] He went on to live a normal life after they disbanded in 2000 and to see him making a public appearance after 16 years is so rare, it must've been a hard decision to make. But people who remember those days are thankful for this.  You'd expect him to decline an interview or autograph requests considering he was away for a long 16-year break, I wonder how MuDo convinced him. Please tell us the details. With his guesting, I'm sure everyone will start talking about him again

2. [+4,371, -170] Cant's reporters put out articles like this when the episode is out. Sigh

3. [+4,224, -221] Trash reporters are releasing spoilers again, ugh

4. [+3,324, -156] Let us watch the broadcast first, enough with the spoilers

5. [+530, -18] Even if he wasn't living as a celebrity, he's the most handsome out of them but he should put on a bit of weightㅜㅜ They're nearing their 40s but their looks are impressive

6. [+491, -8] Go Ji Young looks the most mature

7. [+408, -4] I think I read in another interview that he's been struggling. As expected of MuDo.. He still looks cool even after he retired

1. [+38, 0] I cannot believe I'll be seeing all 6 of them perform on one stage. Thanks MuDo for initiating this and letting us see them as a full group. Sechs Kies, I love you. Thanks for coming back, the memories of those days are still with me. I'm both excited and nervous to watch tomorrow what the oppas have been preparing. I'm happy as a Sechs Kies fan

2. [+29, 0] I hope HOT reunites too. I'm a Shinhwa fan but it doesn't matter if your a Sechs Kies fan, or g.o.d. fan, you just want to share those memories of those days again

3. [+26, 0] Moon Hee Jun made a big deal about HOT's possible reunion so I thought they're coming out first,  Sechs Kies was quiet but they reunited first ㅋㅋ