5 April 2016

Jung Joon Young impresses with his warm personality

Osen- Naver: 'Home cooked meals 2', Jung Joon Young, a maknae as warm as a soybean paste soup

1. [+180, -2] I feel this every time about him but, he seems such a warm person

2. [+170, -2] Jung Joon Young is love. I feel the same way about him, he's adorable

3. [+165, -2] I always notice that his personality is really good~~

4. [+154, 0] You can just tell how much Kim Guk Jin adores him

5. [+153, -2] That's right~~ He's a warm person ~~ That's why it's always nice to see

6. [+116, -2] He doesn't try to make himself appealing. He's honest and people call him a weirdo but he's more well-mannered than anyone out there. What a beautiful person.... He manages himself well but he's much better than celebrities who show themselves off

7. [+112, -2] He also took the top spot in the survey of most loyal man back when he was in 'Superstar K'! All his fans know that he's warm, loyal and an icon of care! His personality is far more cooler than his looks!

8. [+111, -2] Now you know that he's an icon of care. He has such a warm heart

9. [+108, -2]  One of the reason why I really like him is because of his caring personality~ He's down to earth ♡