16 April 2016

Produce 101's stan attractors

tv Report - Nate: 'Produce 101', Jeon Somi, Kim Sejung and Choi Yoojung, top 3 best stan attractors 

1. [+293, -48] I like Somi the best

2. [+220, -24] God Somi, God Sejung, God Yoojung

3. [+156, -24]  Sejung is mentioned in the title but why no screenshots of her?ㅠ

4. [+33, -28] Choi Yoojung???

5. [+29, -5]  Jeon Somi is so pretty but she's not braggy about it, I like that about her! She reminds me of a Pomeranian

6. [+29, -16] I'm a girl but I adore Choi Yoojung ㅠㅠ♡ They're all likeable

7. [+23, -10] I like Kim Sejung

8. [+22, -5] Lee Suhyun was my favorite, her charms just make you feel good

9. [+20, -8] 'Produce' wouldn't have received as much attention in the beginning if they didn't have Jeon Somi. I wanted to check it out just to see her but I ended up liking the other kids too ㅋㅋ She's eye-catching. If it was another JYP trainee who came on the show, I don't think she'd ever rank 1st

10. [+19, -23] To be honest, if Jeon Somi didn't participate on 'Sixteen', she would never have ranked 1st on 'Produce'