20 April 2016

Song Hye Kyo thought 'Descendants of the Sun' was going to be her last project

Yeonhap News - Naver: Song Hye Kyo "I thought DotS was going to be my last project.. I'm just thankful" 

1. [+9,409, -792] Continue to show an awesome and beautiful image in more projects~~

2. [+6,296, -739] She's so cool~~!!!! Hye Kyo is love ~~~~~♡

3. [+6,130, -756] She's pretty, kind and good at acting ㅠ Looking forward to your next drama ♡

4. [+5,299, -609] Song Hye Kyo, I hope you'll only show a good image from now on!!

5. [+5,528, -801] She's crazy pretty and full of wits. I love her even more because she's charitable~ ♥ Completely hooked on her

6. [+1,249, -182] A reason why viewers, females especially, were able to relate, cry and laugh along with her is because she perfectly immersed herself in the role. Thank you for your wonderful performance. Stay healthy, always cheering for you

7. [+1,208, -174] Her beauty is undeniable, she's a chemistry goddess. Most of the male stars she's worked with have hit daebak

8. [+1,164, -173] Why would she say it would be her last project? ㅠㅠ I hope she takes on another sassy and aegyo-filled role