12 April 2016

Song Hye Kyo turns down modelling offer from Mitsubishi

tv Report - Nate: [Exclusive] Song Hye Kyo rejects big budget Mitsubishi campaign "Can't represent a criminal company"

She rejected the offer because Mitsubishi is currently facing legal disputes over the alleged use of forced labor during Japanese colonial rule

1. [+3,071, -112] You made a good decision^^ A round of applause to you

2. [+2,842, -163] Can't compare her to people who did a spring water campaign! How awesome of her!

3. [+2,577, -104] Nice one, Song Hye Kyo!

4. [+229, -24] Song Hye Kyo's image took a big hit with the tax evasion scandal but I heard she's razor-like when it comes to endorsements. She researches the company's background and educates herself on the products before signing a contract

5. [+182, -24] She also rejected a campaign for an apartment right could have possibly drove housing prices up. Song Hye Kyo is cool. Her popularity will surely skyrocket if she also consistently donates

6. [+169, -23] She rejected an apartment campaign, donated English guidebooks about Dr. Ahn Jung Eun. Her tax evasion was wrong but she's always been known for being compassionate

7. [+139, -7] Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun did a mineral water advert for a large sum of money, while Song Hye Kyo said no to this. Such a big difference between them

1. [+43,092, -2,018] Her tax evasion scandal is another thing but this is a respectful act!

2. [+37,689, -1,795] She's always treated these kinds of matters with respect but it got mixed up with her tax evasion. She has already apologized and paid her balance so I hope she stops receiving flak for it

3. [+25,929, -1,286] Amazing...!!!

4. [+21,285, -1,770] Hye Kyo's awesome, she stands firm in her views

5. [+17,119, -2,373] Song Hye Kyo was definitely at fault with tax evasion. What I mean is she has great visuals but because of that, I didn't wanna acknowledge that she's pretty. To be honest, not that many actress can show cuteness, innocence and the right amount of sexiness. If even as I woman I fell for her, I totally understand if men would melt away when they look at her

6. [+5,227, -424] She also turned down an apartment campaign before due to the worry of inflating the housing bubble. After the Citizen's Coalition of Economic Justice sent letters to a bunch of celebrities telling not to resign a contract, she was the only one who didn't go ahead with the campaign

7. [+4,648, -342] You did the right thing

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Professor Seo Kyung Deok "Song Hye Kyo has great interest in history... Rejecting the CF is an obvious decision"

1. [+1,797, -62] She's always done lots of good deeds, it's just that she's not one for flaunting it to others

2. [+1,439, -59] A beautiful woman does beautiful things beautifully. That makes her even more beautiful ~~^^

3. [+1,334, -55] Woah, I'm seeing her differently to be honest ^^

4. [+1,248, -50] Not only is her face beautiful but also her heart