5 April 2016

Song Hye Kyo updates her Instagram with photos of Song Song couple + Hong Kong promos

tv Report - Naver: "Friendship! Loyalty!" Song Song couple photos that spur dating rumors

1. [+8,841, -324] What a good looking couple. No words needed

2. [+7,737, -262] Captain Yoo has no Instagram so Dr. Kang is on fire with her updates! ㅎㅎ They look good together~

3. [+6,050, -226] They're pretty and handsome

4. [+4,999, -247] They match. Such a good looking couple!!

5. [+4,641, -234] Pretty

6. [+2,149, -71] He doesn't have Instagram so she's doing the updates instead ㅋㅋ Song Hye Kyo is really cute. They don't seem close when they're in public but they get along well in a private setting. They seem like they've gotten a lot closer looking at their making clips. They're both pleasing to the eyes~~ It must be why their team up is great in the drama

7. [+2,103, -103] Song Hye Kyo is really pretty, I'm a woman but I envy her~She must be totally stunning in person if she already looks that good with a normal camera

8. [+1,830, -74] Song Hye Kyo is a wall, Song Joong Ki is a wall too..

9. [+1,821, -81] Woah. Hye Kyo must've read our comments.. Talk about a way to quench our thirst.. What a good woman ♡

Dispatch - Naver: "Made it to Hong Kong"... Song Song couple, descendants of visuals

1. [+10,122, -602] No matter how I look at it, hearts are coming out of their eyes..ㅋㅋ

2. [+7,532, -315] Why do they look so sweet..

3. [+4,902, -211] Woah so pretty so handsome woah

4. [+4,603, -223] Finally, they're standing side by side... It's so nice to see ♡

5. [+4,342, -269] Aigoo, they match well. wow

6. [+1,278, -58] Song Hye Kyo looked casually pretty in her airport photos while she looks elegantly pretty her ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+1,224, -41] Can't believe all it took was for them to go to Hong Kong for us to see a two-shot of them. My thirst is quenched

8. [+1,388, -149] Please date~ I'm rooting for you two

9. [+1,058, -48] Nice, I'm so happy. Song Song couple, I love you