12 April 2016

Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron's Cosmopolitan photoshoot

Sports Dong A - Naver: 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Shi Yoon♥ Kim Sae Ron, "On our acting team up? Really nice"

1. [+2,107, -65] Yoon Shi Yoon's cool.. But woah, Kim Sae Ron's maturity is daebak

2. [+1,451, -36] Yoon Shi Yoon looks so young

3. [+1,312, -34]  He got so much cooler after coming back from the army. An actor I personally wish to do well!!!

4. [+1,499, -278] Even so, I don't think Sae Ron matches him as his leading lady.. There's not much chemistry between them. They just look like an oppa and his little sister..

5. [+1,024, -130] They're basically an adult and a minor, right?

6. [+239, -8] Do they really have to push the adult look by glamming her up like that?

7. [+296, -32] Yoon Shi Yoon's partner in his comeback drama is Kim Sae Ron ㅠ Just unfortunate

8. [+253, -20] But still, Sae Ron is still a kid.. She's a minor. If she was your child, would you want to see her all dressed up and wearing makeup? Is it because she's an actress?.. Sigh

9. [+219, -11] If it's alright to pile on makeup on a minor, make her wear short skirt, have her pose like an adult for a photoshoot and act alongside someone older than her, then why is smoking banned on broadcast?