20 May 2016

Fatal stabbing of a woman near Gangnam Station horrifies the nation

"On May 17 at 1:20 am, a 23 year old woman A, died in a horrible stabbing incident inside the bathroom of a noraebang building close to Seoul's Gangnam station. In the CCTV, the victim's boyfriend is seen grasping at the stair railings and squirming in heartbreak at the sight of his murdered girlfriend.The suspect, 34 year old Mr. Kim, is under investigation by the police and is revealed to have been attending a seminary from 2014 until recently. During his time as a theology student, he stated that he was often looked down by women. Also, the police revealed that Mr. Kim and A were not acquainted with each other."

CCTV footage: https://youtu.be/M0bzGQFz-U4

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Instiz: 'Don't ask about Gangnam Station', victim's boyfriend squirms in sadness seeing his girlfriend being carried on a stretcher

-I'm terribly sorry for the boyfriend, I can feel his heartbreak

-Calling it a mysoginist crime is arguable but I see it as a psycho committing crime to someone who is weaker than him. Because of this incident, I'm afraid it's going to fuel the growth of hatred against men or women

-This breaks my heart. Just imagine what he's going through currently

-The boyfriend will live with that trauma for the rest of his life, it breaks my heart to pieces ㅠㅠㅠ

-May she rest in peace

-This is so tragic... How can this happen ㅠ

-The boyfriend will need theraphy. He's probably suffering from trauma and survivor's guilt, he is also a victim himself