20 May 2016

Female celebrities in off the shoulder tops

Daum Cafe: Fashion item that's popular with female celebrities lately 

-I have wide shoulders, can't wear it

-Ah it's so pretty..

-It's not very practical when your bra is not strapless

-It's not only popular with celebrities, I've so many girls wearing it lately

-Sulli is so pretty

-But it goes up on the shoulder when you raise your arm a bit

-Nam Ji Hyun looks like she's wearing curtains

-I have bacne so I can't wear it ㅠㅠ

-It's not pretty

-Woah, I thought this was already popular ever since I was a kid

-I personally think Go Jun Hee looks the best in off the shoulder tops

-But if you have wide shoulders and bacne ㅠ