1 May 2016

Handsome actors in real life

Kang Dong Won 

Hyun Bin

Song Seung Heon

Joo Jin Mo

Jang Hyuk

Jo In Sung

Go Soo

Won Bin

Jung Woo Sung

Jang Dong Gun

Daum Cafe: Handsome Korean actors in real life 

-I died at Jo In Sung's gif

-Won Bin is a cg

-I have to meet Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee before I die

-Won Bin.. Kang Dong Won.. I love you

-Govid ㅠㅠ

-I wanna meet Jo In Sung in person, he's fucking handsome

-Kang Dong Won's head is so tiny... Tinier than the girl next to him.. How is this possible???

-I'm a fan of Jo In Sung but when I saw Go Soo, I thought I was looking at a sculpture

-I'm taking a dump and I got embarrassed when I scrolled down and made eye contact with Jo In Sung

-Saw Hyun Bin up close at his movie screening and his aura is different from other celebrities

-Woah... Kang Dong Won is not human