17 May 2016

Hyorin volunteers at an abandoned animal shelter

Starcast - Naver: "Adopt instead of parcel out"... Hyorin, the guardian angel for abandoned dogs 

1. [+11,897, -72] Hyorin still volunteers to this day.. That's amazing

2. [+7,682, -56] Even you have the heart to do this,  it's actually not easy. She's amazing

3. [+7,431, -52] I hope people will stop treating pets as accessories that you can buy and discard easily...

4. [+6,843, -58] Thank you so much Hyorin-ssi~~ I've always thought of doing volunteer but I really would like to get started on it soon

5. [+5,578, -51] In the photos, she doesn't look like she's putting on a show in front of the camera but she's genuinely working hard~ It's great to see that she's been constantly volunteering

6. [+5,168, -66] Her good deeds make her so pretty.. Always hoping good things for her

7. [+4,715, -38] People like her are admirable. Please do not get pets if you aren't responsible enough. If you do decide to get one, care for them all the way

8. [+4,265, -34] EBS and other documentaries and shows have been steadily raising awareness for this issue. Dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook is the strongest advocate. I hope he guests on a public broadcast show so that he can reach out more people

9. [+3,851, -34] Even if you volunteered only once, it's still a good thing. Thank you for doing this

10. [+3,620, -22] On Sistar's Showtime, they showed her volunteering at an abandoned pet shelter and she really isn't doing it for the camera, she goes there frequently. You can tell that really loves animals seeing how she still goes there to this day