22 May 2016

Kim Kibum's recent whereabouts

Currently filming for IPTV drama 'Juwang'

Daum Cafe: Whereabouts of Super Junior's former member Kim Kibum... currently filming for a drama 

-Hul it's been a while. I really liked him in 'Banolim' ㅠ

-He was my favorite member ㅠㅠ Do well!!

-Kibum-ah... I'm cheering for you!!!!

-He's looking good. I hope he lands himself a good project soon


-Wow, he looks the same


-I've forgotten for a while that he was a Suju member

-Do lots of dramas Kibum-ah ㅠㅠㅠ

-Please show your face moreㅜㅜ

-He consistently has activities but there's hardly any news about him

-He's gotten chubbier