24 May 2016

'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds to start filming next month' + B1A4's Jinyoung joins

Joy News - Naver: 'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds' to start filming next month... to wrap up casting this week

1. [+398, -3] This coming month, I'm thrilled already! Looking forward to Park Bogum as Crown Prince Hyomyeong!

2. [+378, -4] Looking forward to Moonlight. Park Bogum and Kim Yoo Jung hwaiting!

3. [+363, -3] Preparations seem to be going in full force. I'm anticipating it

4. [+346, -3] Finally, filming is under way. Looking forward to it

5. [+232, -3] Anticipating it!! Bogum!!

Osen - Naver: [Exclusive] B1A4's Jinyoung cast in 'Moonlight'... Love triangle with Park Bogum and Kim Yoo Jung

1. [+527, -36] He should be composing with the time spent for acting, he's wasting his talents away

2. [+248, -6] This is not even a confirmation article and I think I've only seen one or two article saying he's in talks for the role. Won't be trusting anything unless it's a confirmation article

3. [+396, -87] I was expecting them to cast an actor and not a idol since they're behind with the casting. Moon Lover is idol-centric so I was hoping for Moonlight to be actor-centric... Why can't you cast actors like Shin Jae Ha?

4. [+187, -18] So your next comeback won't be until December then if you decide to be on this too

5. [+177, -15] Another one-sided love role..

6. [+74, -12] Moonlight's the drama I'm most looking forward to. I hope it's August soon^^