30 May 2016

[Photoshoots] Kim Joo Hyuk, Song Jieun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Honey, Chae So Jin, Yura

Sports Chosun - Naver: Kim Joo Hyuk "I spend 5 hours at the gym everyday, I do so because I enjoy it"

1. [+71, -2] What a total contrast from his 1N2D image ㅎ^^ He's indeed an actor~~~

2. [+41, -1] Gutaeng oppa, please do a drama!!!!

3. [+24, -1] You won't find this kind of coolness anywhere, always cheering for you

4. [+22, -2] Gutaeng hyung, you can't do that here. Show us your babo image soon

5. [+9, 0] Sir Kim Moo Saeng is his father but Kim Joo Hyuk gives such a different feel

6. [+17, -3] A 45-year old bachelor

7. [+10, -2] Gutaeng hyung hwaiting

tv Report - Naver: Song Ji Eun's pretty at 25 --> sexy at 27

1. [+1,434, -99] To be honest, she's the prettiest in Secret... 

2. [+1,071, -74] She's the prettiest in Secret, but why does Han Sunhwa get all the support? 

3. [+1,000, -59] She didn't meet the right members, she has to go through the hardships 

4. [+643, -32] Song Jieun lost weight, she got so much prettier 

5. [+462, -47] She also turned 27 before I knew it. Is she not coming back as a singer? 

Sports Chosun - Naver: "Appealing gaze"... Nam Joo Hyuk heart-stopping masculinity

1. [+1,295, -51] He looks like Gray. Nam Joo Hyuk, Gray and Lee Jungshin are similar-looking handsome guys

2. [+830, -38] Hul so handsome... The quintessential boyfriend. Why don't I have one?

3. [+621, -25] Handsome!!!!!!

4. [+519, -34] He'd have the top star potential if only he was good at acting

5. [+484, -25] He's handsome with glasses too

6. [+225, -9] I like that he's not like one of those super handsome actors who are hard to come by in real life. He's handsome too but approachable and looks like someone you'd easily spot by around you

Maeil Kyungje - Naver: [Photoshoot] Lee Honey's breathtaking tanned body... radiates sexiness

1. [+8,603, -187] Yoon Kye Sang wins

2. [+5,879, -297] Her face is pretty, her body is nice, her personality is good too

3. [+5,388, -307] Honestly, Lee Honey's the best when it comes to body and personality

4. [+4,271, -228] This unni is really pretty!!!

5. [+2,657, -427] She looks stunning though. Whatever, hate commenters

6. [+585, -57] Clara-ya, this is what you call high-class. Just stripping off doesn't make you sexy

Sports Chosun - Naver: 'Kim Ok Bin's little sister' Kim Go Woon changes her name to Chae So Jin... aura goddess 

1. [+2,397, -18] She didn't change her name but decided to use 'Chae So Jin' as a stage name?? You go through a legal process when you change names

2. [+1,121, -58] Should just use her real name 'Kim Go Woon'..

3. [+910, -38] She's the maknae sister? Their genes ㄷㄷ

4. [+806, -35] Ok Bin-ah, do you read the comments on your sister's articles? You're prettier

5. [+664, -39] I thought this was Choi Tae Joon ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+408, -12] Kim Ok Bin is prettier.. Ok Bin looked great in 'Whispering Corridors' until she got her face done ㅠㅠㅠ

Dong A - Naver: Girls Day's Yura, is her sexiness to this degree? 

1. [+3,758, -277] Woah.... her face is pretty.. and so is her body ㅎㄷㄷ Yura's so pretty~~~!

2. [+2,833, -221] She's good at managing herself. She looks healthy and sexy

3. [+2,791, -248] Girl's Day's one top when it comes to body

4. [+2,099, -203] Yura's legs are really pretty too

5. [+2,231, -369] I think she has the best body out of all girl group members

6. [+291, -40] Normally, if your breast and waist line are pretty, the legs tend to look shorter. If you're flat-chested, while the legs are long and pretty, the waistline is not so noticeable. But Yura has large breasts, her waistline is a work of art, even her legs too.. Her body is unreal



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