26 May 2016

Shifting opinions on idol actors

Segye Daily - Naver: 'Acting Idols' dominating the small screen

1. [+1,602, -131] I'm not generalizing that all idols can't act although there are those that really can't

2. [+1,052, -109] We've reached a point where idols aren't only singers.. Everyone has their own unique talents. 'Idol=singer' isn't the right way to put it

3. [+815, -125] We need to stop stereotyping~

4. [+622, -147] I think idols are multi talented

5. [+704, -190] I find it funny when people tell singers to not act when there are tons of singers turned actors in the industry ㅋㅋ It's just being rude out of jealousy

6. [+144, -7] Seo Hyun Jin seems like she debuted as an actress from the beginning rather than an idol. She wasn't fully recognized as an idol. Throughout her 10 years as an actress, she quietly worked her way up without her agency's power or anybody's backing. 'Oh Hae Young' has made her name known

7. [+184, -21] You wouldn't get hate if you're as good as Im Siwan or Lee Joon

8. [+121, -10] Why idols are cast for lead roles. First, it does their fandom a favor. If their drama gains popularity, they make money off exports. And if it flops, they still get their money's worth

9. [+98, -12] Even comedians and models go into acting..

10. [+77, -6] Is she the bobbed-hair version of GD?