15 May 2016

Ulzzangs Goo Hye Sun, Park Han Byul and Nam Sang Mi then and now

tv Report - Naver: "Debuted as beauties"... Ulzzang goddesses, Goo Hye Sun, Park Han Byul and Nam Sang Mi 

1. [+3,522, -43] These people are the true ulzzangs. Everyone and their mothers are calling themselves ulzzangs lately

2. [+2,826, -31] Prettier than kids who get plastic surgery and slap tons of makeup on their faces

3. [+2,097, -68] Goo Hye Sun is really pretty~~

4. [+1,392, -91] Nam Sang Mi's volume is a wall

5. [+275, -5] Goo Hye Sun looks like the main character of a romance manhwa.  Park Han Byul is a long-haired beauty, she reminds me of Jeon Ji Hyun. Nam Sang Mi is an elegant beauty

6. [+237, -5] They're the real ulzzangs. Nowadays, people who call themselves ulzzangs photoshop their faces excessively so they end up looking similar ㅠㅠㅜ

7. [+245, -10] Goo Hye Sun is pretty and her visuals are unreal. I almost fainted when I saw her in Haeundae. She was like a walking doll

8. [+217, -11] Goo Hye Sun is the true definition of ulzzang, she looks like she stepped out of a comic book. She's always been pretty