27 May 2016

What's the best rom com of your life?

Osen - Daum: Sam Soon to Coffee Prince, what's the best romcom of your life? 

1. [+203, -26] Mine is 'Sam Soon'~~ That being said, I should watch it again

2. [+188, -26] 10 years have passed but Kim Sam Soon's lines and scenes are still so fresh in my mind

3. [+164, -28] No other rom com has caught up to Sam Soon yet. Coffee Prince is well made too but Sam Soon is not tacky even if you watch it again to this day. It's a masterpiece among masterpieces.. I loved it.

4. [+52, -5] 'Alone in 'Love' was enjoyable. The narration reaches deep into the heart and gives you a glimpse into a man and woman's thoughts. It appealed to my young 20s heart

5. [+66, -21] Sam Soon for me~ Whenever I think of the stairs scene in the ending, it sends shiver down my spine. It's been 11 years. Time flies ㅠ I wanna watch it again sometime

6. [+48, -8] My heart fluttered countless of times watching Coffee Prince, my feelings for it have not changed since then. Secret Garden is the best

7. [+52, -13] Discovery of Romance

8. [+51, -22] Sam Soon, of course~~

9. [+53, -25] Sam Soon's best rating was 50% ㅎㄷㄷ It's the representative rom com.. Oh Hae Young is great too. I like all the leads and supporting characters

10. [+36, -10] I can watch Secret Garden 10 times and I'd still get butterflies