9 May 2016

Yunho honored as a Special Warrior

Yonhap News - Naver: Yunho becomes a Special Warrior

1. [+229, -3] Yunho works hard anywhere he goes. So likeable

2. [+212, -3] He works hard during promotions and he works hard even in the army ㅠㅠ That's amazing ㅠㅠHe will return like a beast ㅜㅜ Yunho's awesome, his physical strength is daebak too ㅠㅠ He works hard at everything

3. [+200, -3] Special warrior, amazing. He's good wherever he is!

4. [+187, -3] Swooning at this reliable oppa more and more!! So cool. I'll keep supporting and waiting!! I'm proud, you're the best!!!

5. [+185, -3] Our Yunho does his best anywhere he is!! I'm so proud!!

6. [+130, -3] Special warrior ㅎㄷㄷHe does his best in everything ♡

7. [+130, -4] It's awesome to know that he's working hard and doing well with his service

8. [+125, -3] I've always known that he's a hard worker but it's great to see that he works hard wherever he is