17 June 2016

Actresses who were celebrities in dramas

Kim Ha Neul - On Air 

Jeon Ji Hyun - You Who Came From the Stars

IU - Producer

Honey Lee - Come Back Mister

Kim Ah Joong - Wanted (upcoming SBS drama)

Herald Pop - Naver: 'Celebrities of celebrities', top 5 actresses who are celebrities in dramas

1. [+8,112, -165] YWCFTS's Jeon Ji Hyun is the best....!

2. [+5,143, -156] But still, Jeon Ji Hyun is a wall...

3. [+4,911, -290] Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Ha Neul are the best

4. [+3,887, -146]  Kim Ha Neul's topstar acting in 'On Air' was so good. I liked her chemistry with Lee Bum Soo. I'll never grow tired of that drama even if I watch it again

5. [+3,946, -737] IU???????

6. [+489, -18] It's obviously an article to promote Kim Ah Joong's new drama ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+403, -9] In conclusion, it's a promotion for 'Wanted'

8. [+389, -7] An obvious publicity for 'Wanted'ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How sly of them to squeeze in a drama that is yet to be released

9. [+289, -5] I read it well. Promotion for Wanted

10. [+348, -l38] Chun Songyi is a celebrity among celebrities