27 June 2016

Go Ji Yong to set up his own entertainment company

Star News - Naver: Go Ji Yong to become a CEO of a new entertainment company this coming August... it would be tough to promote with Sechs Kies 

1. [+7,803, -412] Since it's an entertainment company, I wonder if he participates with Sechs Kies too even just for a bitㅠ It's not like they live in two different worlds or something

2. [+6,625, -305] Huh? Huh?? This is so out of the blue

3. [+5,801, -160] Even Eun Ji Won's a CEO and he's promoting just fine

4. [+4,041, -354] It's a shame to know it's tough for him to promote with Sechs Kies but I'm thankful there are news about him from time to time ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I support you Go Ji Yong

5. [+3,172, -106] He's already expressed his interest in wanting to start an entertainment business when you look at his interviews when he was still promoting with Sechs Kies ㄷㄷ He worked towards it and he's fulfilled it. Makes me envy him for putting his words into action

6. [+811, -41] I'm not disappointed.. But if he chooses to work in this industry, networking is important and there's a chance he'll meet the members. He said it will be tough to participate in Sechs Kies activities but he's working in a field that he enjoys so I hope this brings them all together. Work hard and I wish you success~

7. [+769, -54] I hope you become like JYP who's both a company founder and singer

8. [+691, -42] It's ironic how he's setting up an entertainment company when he suffered so much under DSP while promoting with Sechs Kies and when he left the industry. I bet he had a change of heart through Sechs Kies' reunion. Anyway, this will bring more opportunities to work and collab with Sechs Kies. I'm just hoping it doesn't negatively affect him