6 June 2016

Lee Seung Gi sings the national anthem at Memorial Day ceremony

tv Report - Naver: "For the patriotic martyrs"... Lee Seung Gi, Lee Seo Jin and Gummy, stars who shine at the Memorial Day ceremony 

1. [+3,956, -139] I'm glad to see Lee Seung Gi-ssi taking part in this meaningful event ^^

2. [+3,605, -225] He's indeed a soldier with how tanned his face has become. Meanwhile, someone at the promotional unit is looking pale..

3. [+1,965, -61] Patriotic martyrs, thank you!!!

4. [+1,639, -43] I hope all patriots return to their homeland and be laid to rest

5. [+1,589, -35] We shall never forget. Thank you

6. [+343, -22] Glad to see him participate in such a meaningful event

7. [+350, -29] He must've gone through training seeing how tanned he is ㅋ Soldier Seung Gi is cool

8. [+323, -22] It's been so long. Good to see him again

tv Report - Naver: 'Military service', Lee Seung Gi participates in Memorial Day ceremony.... sings national anthem

1. [+268, -2] I was so surprised to see him... He stands out even in soldier uniforms since he's a celebrity

2. [+241, -2] It's nice to see him participate in a significant event. The tan looks good on him. Private First Class Lee Seung Gi is cool

3. [+227, -1] You're cool Lee Seung Gi. Great to see you in this event

4. [+212, -1] Long time no see. Looking great

tv Report - Naver: Lee Seung Gi beats Lee Min Ho and Ahn Jae Hyun of '87ers who will go for the long run 

1. Lee Seung Gi (27.0%)
2. Joo Won (14.1%)
3. Lee Min Ho (11.6%)

Other male celebrities in the survey include Kim Junsu, Ahn Jae Hyun, Jung Il Woo, Ji Chang Wook Choi Siwon and TOP.

1. [+171, -30] Wow, 15000 participated in the survey. I think Lee Seung Gi will go for the long run. 87er actors, hang in there

2. [+167, -30] Whether it's acting, singing or variety, there's nothing that Lee Seung Gi can't do

3. [+162, -31] Lee Seung Gi has lots of talents so he will last long

4. [+152, -29] Lee Seung Gi will go for the long run

5. [+91, -16] Always cheering you on. Lee Seung Gi's cool!! Do well for many more years to come~~

6. [+91, -16] Lee Seung Gi will continuously hit daebak, he'll stick for the long run~^^

7. [+82, -13] Yeah~~ I wanna see him for a long long time