23 June 2016

Lee Seung Gi's reps to sue people behind 'secret love child' rumors

news 24 - Naver: Lee Seung Gi reps request police investigation on person who started malicious rumor...Netizens exclaim "a rumor like this doesn't make any sense while he's serving in the army"

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1. [+280, -23] Leave Lee Seung Gi alone

2. [+278, -24] These celebrity rumors and scandals are scaring me now.. What's next? Did something big happen in Korea or something?

3. [+259, -19] Really scary.. How dare they make such rumors about Lee Seung Gi?? How can he be given a vacation in March?? If you're gonna make a rumor, why not get everything right first? These assholes should be sued in order to get a grip

4. [+266, -28] I don't believe in government conspiracies but with Park Yoo Chun and Kim Min Hee's scandals and seeing how Lee Seung Gi's caught in a rumor too, I'm guessing it has something to do with blocking the issue surrounding the privatization of the electricity sector

5. [+202, -10] Please leave him alone~~

Osen - Naver: Lee Seung Gi's reps 'Malicious rumors are unfounded, to request investigation and take strong action'

1. [+319, -7] That woman in the photo is apparently married. I hope the people who spread this rumor get caught

2. [+308, -8] We don't know their intention but catch all the people who spread the rumors. How sickening

3. [+306, -13] Leave him alone. Sue everyone who's involved. Fighting!

4. [+272, -5] Punish all the people who did this!!!!

5. [+256, -5] Make sure to catch them all