8 June 2016

Male and female leads with big age difference in upcoming dramas

Sports Chosun - Naver: Dramas for second half of the year 'same zodiac signs', a preview of 30s and 20s star couples 

Gong Yoo (36) and Kim Go Eun (24)
Lee Junki (34) and IU (23)
Kim Rae Won (35) and Park Shin Hye (26)

1. [+2,595, -136] Age difference aside, I look forward to Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye's chemistry

2. [+2,242, -221] Excited only for Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, not so much for the rest. Makes me question if this country has run out of actresses, ugh.  There are amazing ones like Son Ye Jin but they use singers. I'd have to skip it then

3. [+2,509, -331] Lee Junki has no luck with female co-stars !!

4. [+1,222, -85] Looking forward to Doctors..

5. [+1,109, -119] I'll be watching Doctors only..

6. [+532, -42] Gong Yoo's returning to tv after a long time so I wanted to watch it.. but Kim Go Eun's the lead

7. [+475, -58] Hul.. Kim Go Eun's really going to be the lead?

8. [+386, -30] Kim Go Eun's confirmed after all.. ugh