2 June 2016

Park Bogum reveals he still likes taking the subway

Newsen - Daum: 'Bogum-ah, can you stop taking the subway now? 

1. [+3,290, -58] Whose son is he?... I'm jealous~~^^

2. [+2,885, -50] Actor Bogum... this says a lot about his characterㅎ As expected from a trend ㅎ

3. [+2,679, -53] This warms my heart. I'm praying that my son grows up to be just like Bogum-ssi ~~~

4. [+832, -8] People who take the subway are tired and busy, they couldn't care less if a celebrity is on it. Even if they happen to recognize them, they'd just assume he/she's a celebrity lookalike. I hope he keeps taking the subway without any worries

5. [+655, -10] Such a beautiful person

6. [+600, -6] The best. Do well

7. [+589, -8] Bogum-ah, I love you ~~♡

8. [+569, -9] Makes me like him even more now knowing that he's frugal