8 June 2016

Reporter mistakes Snapchat filter on Taeyeon as makeup

Sports Dong A - Daum: What happened to Taeyeon? Creepy look with smudged eye makeup and lips 

1. [+81, -34] How cheap of the reporter to claim it as makeup without first checking that it's a Snapchat filter

2. [+63, -32] That's not makeup, it's done from a photo app;;

3. [+53, -22] It's from Snapchat filter effect, not real makeup ugh

4. [+26, -5] Snapchat Joker filter

5. [+23, -4] Reporter needs to stop overreacting

6. [+64, -47] Why did she do plastic surgery? All I see is her nostrils no matter how hard I try to not notice

7. [+25, -10] Look up 'snapchat joker filter' and you get lots of selca results like that

8. [+35, -23] Reporter, it's not a joker-inspired makeup. It's the Joker filter on Snapchat