6 June 2016

Seo Hyun Jin's past as a girl group member

Seo Hyun Jin was in a group called MILK. Their first album was 
relatively successful. As the maknae and main vocal, she was
the most popular. After one of the member left and encountering
issues like Lee Soo Man's corruption and so on, the group disbanded. 

SM was preparing for a new girl group called Super Girls (the
original SNSD) and Seo Hyun Jin was in the early debut stage. 

When rumors spread that Seo Hyun Jin is to debut again as a member of 
a brand new girl group, MILK's fancafe then changed into Super Girls' fancafe.
That was SNSD's next fancafe Hwa Soo Eunhwa. SNSD eventually debuted with
'Into the New World' which was the original title track for MILK's 2nd album. 

Daum Cafe: 'Oh Hae Young Again', Seo Hyun Jin as an SNSD member during its early stage 

-Crazy. ITNW was MILK's

-Seo Hyun Jin sang that famous Inuyasha OST grip?

-She matches being an actress more ㅋㅋ I can't imagine her wearing stage costumes as a singer at allㅋㅋㅋ

-No wonder she's so good at singing.. I thought she debuted as an actress. Daebak she's talented

-She performed Let's Eat ost 'up&down' during the press con, she was great

-She looks like Taeyeon in the 2nd photo

-Her vocal color would've been so perfect for ITNW