20 June 2016

Shinji tearfully reveals how Kim Jong Min helped her during financial hardships

Star News - Naver: Shinji, "When I was earning nothing, Kim Jong Min sent me money for 3 years" tears 

Shinji: "There was a time when I lived in seclusion for 3 years because I was suffering with stage fright. Kim Jong Min oppa was the only one who kept in contact me. He told me, 'this happened because you've worked hard looking after Koyote all these years. It's my time to look after you so rest at ease. I'll wait until you've recovered.'"

"When I wasn't earning and struggled financially, Jong Min oppa would send me money without asking me questions.  I think Jong Min oppa went through so much hardships alone throughout those 3 years. He gave me strength to stand up again"

1. [+46,334, -191] As expected of Kim Jong Min's character..

2. [+37,004, -216] Woah.. That's not easy though.. Kim Jong Min is awesome! Shinji also seems like a nice person for thanking him

3. [+32,755, -176] I've never heard bad things about Kim Jong Min. He's cool

4. [+31,082, -186] What's up Kim Jong Min, aren't you so amazing?

5. [+25,797, -196] I really like Kim Jong Min

6. [+5,938, -29] I wonder what Kim Jong Min's secret to longevity is that even when he seems like a babo and ignorant on 1N2D, he never gets hate. He has good variety sense and he amazingly gives correct answers to history questions. He's equipped with the basics and his personality is good too, that's why he is well-loved...

7. [+5,823, -21] He's so kind-hearted.. Even though they're members of the same group, giving away his money just like that is hard..

8. [+5,680, -26] Being on an intense weekend variety show for 9 years really says a lot about his character

9. [+5,362, -21] Kim Jong Min once said that it's not Koyote without Shinji.... I'm so moved ㅜㅜ

10. [+4,593, -20] He's so kind.. Please do well