8 June 2016

Sistar's teaser images for 4th mini album + celebrate their 6th anniversary

Dispatch - Naver: "Look at our eras"... Sistar's enigmatic teasers

1. [+2,135, -104] Wow, the concept is similar to Give It To Me, I really like it. Look at these oriental beauties!!! Let's hit daebak Sistar!!

2. [+2,064, -133] I'll never grow tired of Sistar because their concepts are different each time. When their songs get uninteresting, they change their composers and try something different. I like that they don't copy other girl groups or do skin exposure. Even as a woman, it good to see that they have a healthy-looking kind of sexiness

3. [+1,640, -102] Woah I hope the song comes out soon ㅠ Honestly, Sistar's the best in summer!!!

4. [+1,158, -93] My heart's pounding waiting for their new song. Can't wait to see them

5. [+930, -65] Looking forward to Sistar's comeback ♡

6. [+126, -9] The comeback is this June? Are the teasers out yet? The vibe is a bit similar to 'Give It To Me'

7. [+92, -7] Sistar's a group you can trust to listen. Are they going for an oriental concept this time?

8. [+78, -5] This concept gives the same vibe as Alone, Give It To Me and, Gone Not Around Any Longer ㅎ I like how they're trying out this concept for a summer song

9. [+86, -9] Sistar is totally pretty!!!!♡

10. [+80, -8] Oh, the vibe is daebak ㅠㅠ

Dispatch - Naver: "Summer gangsters return"... Sistar celebrate their 6th year anniversary 

1. [+2,132, -92] Their contract renewal is next year, I hope they renew without any problems.. Sistar should have those 4 members. If one of them leaves, it wouldn't be good. The members have awesome chemistry

2. [+1,299, -88] It's Sistar for the summer of course!! ♡♡♡Congrats on your 6th anniversary. Will look forward to your summer comeback ㅎㅎㅎ

3. [+882, -72] Sistar's 6th year anniversary:) Looking forward to you this summer~

4. [+570, -26] Seems like yesterday when they debuted in Summer 2010 with 'Push Push', and they're into their 6th year already. Time flies so scarily fast ㅠ I wouldn't have imagined back when they debuted that they'd be a top charting girl group ㅋ

5. [+479, -39] Before, I thought face is more important than body for a girl group but their pretty bodies make them so beautiful

6. [+348, -35] I'm a non-fan but I can't help but acknowledge Sistar. They're not chart gangsters for nothing. Looking forward to their upcoming album

7. [+239, -16] All of Sistars songs are good