5 June 2016

[Spoilers] Beautiful Gong Shim + Dear My Friends + Mirror of the Witch

Beautiful Gong Shim

Osen - Naver: 'Beautiful Gong Shim', Namgoong Min X Minah X On Joo Wan, heart-fluttering love triangle 

1. [+1,317, -34] Writer-nim, please have lots of sweet scenes of Dan Tae and Gong Shim and more of parts of him consoling her. Villain Gong Mi is no fun..

2. [+954, -26] Why does Namgoong Min make my heart flutter so much?..

3. [+801, -27] I completely understood how Gong Shim feels when she vented on Yeom Tae Hee and when she recited her lines at Dan Tae in the end

4. [+680, -19] Beautiful Gong Shim is super fun ♥

5. [+487, -29] How am I supposed to wait until tomorrow? ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+208, -9] Dan Tae comes back after searching for her and naturally listens to her sentiments. Dan Tae is awesome. On Joo Wan's confession in tomorrow's episode gave me butterflies

7. [+172, -6] It was so funny when Namgoong Min shouted "it's water!!!" when he saw the place flooded with water ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I've seen others shout "fire" but I've never seen someone shout "water" in a drama before

8. [+178, -10] I like both Seok Junsu and Ahn Dan Tae

9. [+165, -6] I've forgotten about ill-tempered Namgoong Min, I'm only gonna remember him as romantic Namgoong Min now~ Such a good actor ㅋㅋMinah's so cute too

10. [+151, -8] Isn't Gong Shim so cute? She reminds me of a puppy.. Both Dan Tae and Junsu are likeable

Dear My Friends

Osen- Naver: 'Dear My Friends', Go Doo Shim cries, Kim Hye Ja was funny

1. [+3,155, -28] These acting masters make me think so much about so many things.. Dear My Friends is a well-made drama

2. [+2,142, -37] Best drama of my life... I've never seen a drama this awesome

3. [+1,732, -32] Thank you writer-nim, thank you cast.  The last part is so calm but I teared up more than I have in a long time while watching a drama

4. [+1,717, -93] Go Hyun Jung was scary in the end ㅜㅜ

5. [+589, -4] I'd be disappointed too if I were Jung Ah... She worked to pay her mother's hospital bills, took care of her ailing mother-in-law, and lives being ordered around by her husband. She hid that large fortune and gave it all to her dongsaengs.. She didn't fulfill her wish to travel around the world ㅠㅠ Shin Goo is amazing for doing that to his son-in-law and he loves his daughter but I give him zero points as a husband. His wife wouldn't be acting like that had he treated her nicely for once

7. [+552, -7] I laughed like crazy because of Hye Ja imo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How can she be so cute?

8. [+541, -7] From the shock she got after knowing that Yeonha is handicapped to that shock after her daughter vividly remembers that time she tried to kill the two of them because of her cheating husband... By the looks of the ending, next week's episodes is not to be missed

8. [+517, -5] I feel sorry for Choong Nam imoㅠㅠ It would be so sad if ever her nephews were trash as well.. I wanna smack that professor

9. [+562, -21] Poor Wan... She's been holding on to those memories. But still, she understands her mom, she lived a life the way her mom wanted to. A child is not a parent's property

10. [+385, -6] Go Hyun Jung's crying scenes are so realistic because she's not wearing eye  makeup. She's on a different level from actresses who have their eye makeup done so perfectly although they're about to act out an emotional scene

Mirror of the Witch

Xports News - Naver: 'Mirror of the Witch', Yeom Jung Ah returns, will she spill blood in the palace again?  

1. [+935, -40] The boom sound when Yeom Jung Ah appears gets me excited. She's my favorite here

2. [+648, -12] The evil spirit's reverberation was too scary ㅠㅠ I got goosebumps hearing the sound of its laughter

3. [+632, -19] 2 episodes were aired, why did it feel like it was only 1 episode? It went too fast. Looking forward to next week ^^

4. [+534, -21] It's too good~ Two of Heo Joon's heart fluttering moments today: when he pulled Yeonhee close to him and when he caught Yeonhee as she was falling down. He's so cool. Another week of wait, this is the only drama I anticipate for lately

5. [+478, -36] Yeom Jung Ah is really pretty~^^

6. [+159, -4] Such a good drama, please watch it. Yoon Shi Yoon's gaze will make you melt. Everyone's so good at acting too

7. [+147, -4] It's fun but too frustrating at the moment. I hope next week will be a lot more refreshing..

8. [+121, -1] Yeom Jung Ah's scenes are the best. Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron are likely gonna stick together next week.. That'll be fun

9. [+133, -9] Two episodes were aired but it felt draggy

10. [+119, -5] Am I the only one who thinks the pace has gotten slower?


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