20 June 2016

[Spoilers] Beautiful Mind + Doctors + Monster + Oh Hae Young Again

Beautiful Mind (Pilot)

news 1 - Naver: 'Beautiful Mind' first episode, Jang Hyuk strangles Park So Dam...'shocking ending' 

1. [+1,807, -79] Jang Hyuk ㄷㄷ Everyone's so good at acting...I'll keep up with it regularly starting tomorrow

2. [+1,370, -62] Goosebumps at the ending ㄷㄷㄷㄷ Fun drama. I like the directing

3. [+1,163, -69] The class of Jang Hyuk's acting..

4. [+1,484, -184] Public broadcast finally made a drama that's similar to Signal

5. [+1,031, -88] Jang Hyuk's so handsome. Look at his acting as a gangster.. So Dam is pretty too

6. [+343, -13] Jang Hyuk's acting is giving me goosebumps.. His role is a doctor who's devoid of sympathy and he really did act emotionless and robotic. Park So Dam has good vocalization and acting skills. They said this is a medical thriller, I like the mood and the story is interesting too. More dramas will be remembered as masterpieces if Korea embraces fresh genres like this. What I like the the most about it is it's not the average romance medical drama

7. [+301, -21] I thought I was watching an American show ㄷㄷ The directing is top notch. Jang Hyuk's complete transformation into this character is wow. He's full of charms. Park So Dam's acting is stable for a rookie. I like the supporting characters too

8. [+267, -15] Shocking indeed. The ending is nothing like the forensic dramas I've seen

9. [+265, -17] The camera work is really cool.. I liked the first episode, I'll watch tomorrow's too!!

10. [+221, -16] By first episodes alone, Beautiful Mind is much better than Doctors... Everyone here is fierce

11. [+201, -13] The directing is no joke, I thought I was watching a movie

12. [+197, -15] I watched it alongside Doctors, but this is better.. It's suited for the summer too

Doctors (Pilot)

Sports Chosun - Naver: 'Doctors', explosive first episode.. tender Kim Rae Won vs rebellious Park Shin Hye 

1. [+5,675, -224] Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye lost a lot of weight

2. [+3,686, -337] Totally fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really like Kim Rae Won ㅠㅠ

3. [+2,702, -305] Doctors is fun~~~

4. [+2,354, -296] Fun drama ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+2,273, -342] Park Shin Hye is pretty, I like her so much

6. [+763, -85] Honestly, the beginning is a bit cringey but it got more fun in the end. The scene with the grandma got me choked up.. I finally have something to watch for Mondays and Tuesdays. It was enjoyable ~ㅎㅎ

7. [+724, -81] I like Kim Rae Won's voice and eyes ㅋ

8. [+667, -77] Tomorrow's episode will be even better ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah Kim Rae Won... I like you so much

Osen - Naver: 
Common love story between doctors? 'Doctors' is different

1. [+1,069, -57] I'm sorry but Kim Min Hee and Park Yoochun's dramas are the most fun to watch right now

2. [+746, -93] Glamorizing an iljin turned doctor while slamming gangs is unrealistic

3. [+466, -39] But in the end, it's still a love story

1. [+473, -69] Kim Rae Won's acting is so unique and smooth. His lines are effortlessly delivered

2. [+381, -47] I cringed seeing a doctor fight but the action scene looked elaborate ㅋㅋㅋ  I had fun watching it! Judging by the preview, the story's moving at a quick pace too

3. [+314, -75] Park Shin Hye's good at acting, she's pretty

4. [+49, -20] If this takes the top spot in ratings, it's all because of Park Shin Hye. She was awesome in this episode

5. [+49, -12] I thought they were doing a play, too childish

6. [+48, -7] The story is cliche to be honest, like I already know what's gonna happen in episodes ahead


Mydaily - Naver: 'Monster', Kang Ji Hwan ♥ Sung Yuri's tearful embrace...Did he get shot? 

1. [+373, -11] If Kang Ki Tan is shot, he will obviously survive since he's a protagonist but I wonder if Jo Ki Ryang is dead or not. He thinks of Kang Ki Tan as his right hand so he has to be alive for Kang Ki Tan to easily carry out his revenge. I hope he's not dead

2. [+275, -11] He wasn't shot.. no he won't

3. [+268, -32] Sung Yuri is so pretty

4. [+199, -16] Ah... I think there was a switch in the end. I hope Kang Ki Tan is unharmed ㅠ

5. [+153, -9] Monstar is better than Docors and Beautiful Mind. I hope it takes first place

6. [+132, -2] Why does Naver never put Monster's articles on the front page? ㅋㅋ Even with that, I'm amazed that Monster took top spot in ratings

7. [+112, -1] In this drama, you never know who will betray who, it's even hard to read the minor characters' facial expression

8. [+102, -1] Cha Woo is an annoying character

9. [+82, -2] What's up with the blood in the preview??? ㅜㅜㅜ I hope he's not shot ㅜㅜThis drama is so good

Oh Hae Young Again

Osen - Naver: 'Oh Hae Young Again', Eric gets in a car accident.. Lee Jae Yoon is the suspect 

1. [+4,893, -63] The future should be changed. Han Tae Jin please learn the truth soon ㅂㄷㅂㄷ

2. [+3,689, -51] I'm so glad that Do Kyung honestly expressed what he's feelingㅜㅜ I hope everyone will be happy.. I think I'll go through intense withdrawals when it ends

3. [+3,222, -73] Han Tae Jin's rage... Sigh, it's a misunderstanding you jerk

4. [+2,996, -36] The question is did he step on the brake or not?

5. [+2,579, -52] Don't kill our Do Kyung, let him survive

6. [+781, -14] The future will change once Tae Jin learns the truth.. the knot in the story right now is frustrating

7. [+626, -11] Today, Eric found the suspect, knelt down, it's a constant battle with the future

8. [+638, -18] It's not 89, it's 100.. Why did this line make my heart ache? ㅜ Please give our Do Kyung a hug

Herald Pop - Naver: 'Oh Hae Young Again', Save Eric from Lee Jae Yoon's anger

1. [+644, -10] It's true that Park Do Kyung told the Chairman to ruin Han Tae Jin's life but what really ruined him is his friend.. Han Tae Jin doesn't know that

2. [+603, -23] Stop hitting Do Kyung

3. [+563, -10] But still, I like that Do Kyung didn't hide the truth and that he was honest about his emotions

4. [+378, -6] It's not 89 but 100

5. [+201, -6] Come to think of it, Han Tae Jin's personality is not good even before. He lacks foresight of people around him