2 June 2016

Three men arrested for gang raping a Swedish tourist

Three men were arrested on charges of gang raping a Swedish tourist they met at a nightclub in Hongdae, Seoul, the Seoul Mapo police said Wednesday.

The men, in their 20s, allegedly accosted the victim “to show her the Korean nightlife,” on May 14 in Hongdae area.

The four of them drank until the next morning, resulting in the victim becoming heavily intoxicated. The suspects are then alleged to have taken the victim to one of the men’s flat where they sexually assaulted her and photographed her body.

The victim reported to the Swedish Embassy, which prompted the Korean National Police Agency to launch an investigation.

The Mapo police said they were able to arrest all three suspects on May 24 based on the surveillance camera recordings and photos of the suspects left on the victim’s mobile phone.

The case has since been passed on to the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office.

In March, a rape case involving an Australian woman in Hongdae sparked public fury when the victim disclosed details about irregularities in the local police investigation.

Hongdae is a popular area for both locals and foreigners for its unique artsy ambience. However, in February a number of establishments barred foreigners, sparking controversy.

(Full article and image from The Korea Herald

tv Chosun - Naver: 3 men gang raped a Swedish tourist they met at a club

1. [+1,936, -85] Aigoo, what an embarrassment to the nation. Korean men are again contributing to the increase in sex crimes

2. [+1,602, -61] Are they out of their minds? These men are an embarrassment to the nation

3. [+1,413, -76] "You want to be safe? It's extremely dangerous for women to travel in", this was on an Australian article. What a disgrace for Korea. Men, please never commit rape. As if it's not enough to watch rape videos from hidden cameras, you create your own rape kingdom too.. tsk tsk

4. [+1,325, -86] Korean men, stop your madness. Do you really hate it when you're told to not commit rape?

5. [+1,070, -87] It's good that she reported it to the embassy. If she reported it to the police like what that Australian woman did, she would be interrogated in an insulting way and asked questions like, why were you out late at night, why were you drinking, what kind of clothes were you wearing?

6. [+381, -12] A well-known documentary in Australia made a point that Korea may seem like a safe country but it's a dangerous country for female travellers